Press Release: Statement on Establishing a Global Cyber Security Assurance System

As a global leading telecom solutions provider, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (“Huawei”) is fully aware of the importance of cybersecurity and understands the concerns of various governments and customers about security. With the constant evolution and development of the telecom industry and information technology, security threats and challenges are increasing, which intensifies our concerns about cybersecurity. Huawei will, therefore, pay a great deal more attention to this issue and has long been dedicated to adopting feasible and effective measures to improve the security of its products and services, thus helping customers to reduce and avoid security risks and building trust and confidence in Huawei’s business. Huawei believes that the establishment of an open, transparent and visible security assurance framework will be conducive to the sound and sustainable development of industry chains and technological innovation; it will also facilitate smooth and secure communications among people.

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