Nominet CISO Stress Report Press Release – Nominet Cyber

“Our research into the attitudes of the board shows that they understand the risk of cyber crime to their organisation and they even appreciate that the CISO is placed under considerable stress to combat this risk. However, this awareness has clearly not translated into support for the CISO. Until this stress is relieved, the CISO’s ability to deliver value to the business will be diminished as their ability to do their job is hampered and they quickly become burnt out.

“The role of the CISO can only be improved by a better working relationship with the board, and so it’s important that the C-Suite recognise that improving the CISO’s working life can only have positive outcomes for the business. With a strong and empowered CISO at the head of their security team, organisations will face less risk, be better protected, be more able to deal with a security breach when it hits, and ultimately become safer from cyber crime.”

You can download the full report: The CISO Stress Report – Life Inside the Perimeter: One Year On here[3].

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