Nominet CISO Stress Report Press Release – Nominet Cyber

Key findings:

  • 71% of CISOs said their work-life balance is too heavily weighted towards work
  • 95% work more than their contracted hours – on average, 10 hours longer a week – which means CISOs are giving organisations $30,319 (£23,503) worth of extra time per year
  • Only 2% of CISOs said they were always able to switch off from work outside of the office, with the vast majority (83%) reporting that they spend half their evenings and weekends or more thinking about work
  • 87% of CISOs say that working additional hours was expected by their organisation

Revealingly, almost all surveyed CISOs (90%) said they’d take a pay cut if it improved their work-life balance. On average, CISOs said they’d be willing to give up 7.76% of their wage, which equates to $9,642 (£7,475) per year.

Gary Foote, CIO, Haas F1 Team: “I’m not surprised to see that stress levels are consistently high from 2019 to 2020, with the threat landscape continuously shifting.But it is always disappointing to read that it continues to have a big impact on the personal lives of my peers. Mental and physical health at work is a hugely important subject, and though some organisations are recognising this and reacting positively, there is still a lot of progress to be made.Burnout will neither help the CISOs, the board or the business, and consequently accelerated change is required to ensure security teams are supported; technically, financially and personally.”

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