Nominet CISO Stress Report Press Release – Nominet Cyber

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos, Lecturer in Consumer and Business Psychology, University College London: “While there have been positive steps in mental health and stress-related issues, the essence of tackling these issues has not received as much attention as needed. While measuring, understanding and incorporating key findings within the work is incredibly important, we also need to consider that there is a lack of research that looks into the work-life balance.

“We do anticipate that stress levels will continue to rise until we address the issue of stress, mental health and well-being at work. These are issues that are recognised but we have to match awareness with passion for actually tackling stress and allowing employees to live a happier and healthier life.”

Overworked CISOs would sacrifice salary for better work-life balance

Investigating the causes of CISO stress, the research found that almost all CISOs are working beyond their contracted hours, on average by 10 hours per week. Even when they are not at work many CISOs feel unable to switch off. As a result, CISOs reported missing family birthdays, holiday, weddings and even funerals. They’re also not taking their annual leave, sick days, or time for doctor appointments – contributing to physical and mental health problems.

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