Nominet CISO Stress Report Press Release – Nominet Cyber

CISO’s say they’d give up £7.5k ($10k) of salary for a better work-life balance, while 97% of the board says they want CISOs to deliver even more value

Nominet[1] has published The CISO Stress Report – Life Inside the Perimeter: One Year On[2], on the working life of the CISO. This year’s report looks deeper at the impact of continued stress on the mental health and personal lives of CISOs, and drills down into the causes of stress including poor work life balance and a lack of support from the board. Nominet interviewed 400 CISOs and 400 C-Suite executives on the challenges of the CISOs role – with an even split between the UK and the US.

Work stress is impacting CISO health and damaging relationships

The research found that the vast majority of CISOs (88%) remain moderately or tremendously stressed, a small decrease from 91% in 2019. However, this stress is now taking a greater toll on CISOs’ mental and physical health, and their personal relationships.

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