New Venture by Tiro Security Aims to Bridge the Diversity and Skills Gap in Cybersecurity

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2020 –(– Tiro Security has teamed up with HoneyBee HR to launch The nextCISO Apprenticeship, a robust program aimed at preparing aspiring but otherwise disadvantaged individuals for key roles in the growing field of cyber security. Tiro Security founder Kris Rides, vCISO/CTO for TiroSecurity Jenai Marinkovic, and HoneyBee HR founder Melissa Elza are leading the effort.The nextCISO Apprenticeship initiative will address several areas of need in the current business environment. The first is the low percentage of minority representation within the cybersecurity field. The second is the skills shortage in the cybersecurity industry which promises to only worsen in the coming years. The third is the scarcity of programs for security certifications and degrees that adequately address the skills necessary to make graduates ready for day one.

The concerning cyber security outlook

According to the newly released 2020 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, “data suggests that the global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 89% to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets.” The talent shortage in Cybersecurity is now at 41% in the US and 89% worldwide. 56% of respondents said their organizations are at risk due to cybersecurity talent shortages. Yet, a majority of open roles will go unfilled, presenting a substantial risk to many companies. Due to a variety of factors, one being the reluctance or inability to invest in staff training, companies are not opening roles to those without a proven track record or verifiable skills. Even junior professionals are being passed over. The position of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is among those with the highest demand.

Chinks in the current educational landscape

Although many colleges and universities have started cyber security programs in recent years, many are woefully inadequate. The main problem is that there are not enough true cyber security experts – those who have dealt with critical real-life experiences – to teach them. As a result, graduates have the “book knowledge” but few display the nimble thinking necessary to deal with a complex and ever-changing cyber landscape. Hiring managers need to have confidence that an individual is truly ready to protect their systems. Errors in judgment of a cyber incident can have disastrous results. Conversely, an out-of-the box thinker might ward off an unexpected cyber attack, giving the company an advantage.

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