Growth of Cybersecurity Industry Creates New Jobs – Industry Today %

There is a high demand for jobs in cybersecurity. There is little indication that these jobs are going to disappear anytime soon.

Many sectors have experienced a downturn because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cybersecurity keeps marching forward because cyber criminals have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to engage in more heinous acts of cybercrime[1].

Many are unaware of the prevalence of cybercrime. This is because cybercrime only makes it to the news if the victim is a high-profile individual or if the organization being attacked is high-profile. What you don’t see in the news every day is the countless low-profile victims of cybercrime. These often include small businesses.

Sadly, when small businesses are impacted by cybercrime[2], the effects can be catastrophic. According to the BullGuard-commissioned research[3] 43% of SMBs lack any type of cybersecurity defense plans. Small business owners may use some form of cybersecurity like virus protection, anti-malware software, or VPN solutions to protect themselves. VPN is one of the most popular security features nowadays because it’s able to protect your privacy and identity if implemented correctly, but not all VPN services offer the same layer of protection.

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